Sunday, 29 March 2009

Lip burn

Well I know I haven't written for a long time - apologies. Been a little preoccupied with some real life stuff I wish I didn't have to worry about. Anyway, mostly sorted now and very dull to anyone who isn't me. So onwards.

I've been using Technic's Maxi lip plumper for a while now. Not sure how it's going yet, but I think it is having some effect. Must say, not been using it three times a day religiously but at least twice usually. Will keep at it and upload some before and after pics soon.

Now while we're on the subject of lip plumpers - I tried out Too Faced's Lip injection plumper today. They say it makes lips 'look up to 20% fuller in 5 minutes' and instructions are to put it on, leave for 5 mins and wipe off. I mistakenly didn't read those instructions before applying - and reading them now it does seem a bit of a weird instruction.

So anyway, apart from being a weird greasy texture it had an nice enough pale pink colour too it but smelled horribly perfumey and flowery. After about a minute the tingle started. Now I'm very used to lip plumping tingling - I love my Soap and Glory sexy motherpucker tingles. I wear that for fun! Now the Too Faced lip injection is just horribly painful! My lips were on fire and really sore. Too Faced say 'a little tingle means it's working - 5 minutes of tingle is worth it.' Err - I think not! A tingle is usually a bit weird, this seriously hurts. Not worth it in the slightest. I battled on for a good four mins or so before I couldn't stand it any longer and wiped the vicious stuff off.

My favourite claim from Too Faced is that it gives 'lasting fullness without a needle'. Hilarious. No surgeons needle, instead why do you enjoy the sensation of thousands of tiny evil little pins ramming in and out of your poor tender lips for five mins! When I let my now weeping lips have a rest, they looked like I'd been in Arctic conditions for a month with no lip balm in sight. Definitely not plump but if blotchy red and sore is the look you're going for this is your product.

Sorry Too Faced, you have not impressed me at all with this one. My final verdict - 'only for serious masochists'.

Over and out for now. More products for testing in the pipeline.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Quick preview

Been a bit lax on the blogs over the weekend - had a lot on. A hangover and Confessions of a shopaholic to name but a few...

Anyway, I've been working on products to review so here's what you all have to look forward to.

Balaton Spa Face Mask - this has got great press and is made of 331 natural ingredients so I'm going to test it out and see if it's as good as it's cracked up to be.

Technic by Badgequo – Maxi Lip Plump. This arrived in the post two days ago. It claims to 'stimulate collagen production of the lip tissue and surrounding areas'. After applying three times a day for a month, lips should increase by 40%. This one completely intrigues me. I'm a little scared my lips will look a la Lesley Ash but going to give it a whirl. My before photo taken already will report back in a month with photographic evidence.

Not much time to do more now. Unfortunately, my real life job is draining the life from me so I need to catch some sleep. A new job may be on the cards...

Anyway, hopefully will be back on form tomorrow with a new product to share.

Will leave you with this cover which has stuck in my mind all because of the beautiful Vuitton creations on her feet... Helps to have legs like that though I suppose.

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