Friday, 25 February 2011

Donation day

I've finally gotten round to having a sort out to send a package to Give and Makeup. So here's a quick snapshot of what I'm donating.

Don't look too closely if you gave me a Christmas present...
I'll be taking advantage of the free postage I mentioned in this post. If you're in need of a clear out and feel like doing something for charidee then best get your skates on. BeautyBay are only offering free shipping until 1 March so you've got a week to get to the post office!

For more detail on how to get your free postage labels and the Give and Makeup scheme visit:


Kat @ Kat'sBeautyReviews said...

Wow, that's very generous of you. I've never heard of Give and Make Up, will definitely have to check it out. Although I'm not sure that anyone would want most of my unwanted crap haha :)

betwixt beauty said...

I have sooo many products - I'm a total hoarder. It's a fab kick up the backside for me to have a clear out. There's a lot of Christmas presents in thee... :S I'm sure people would appreciate all your unwanted crap! One woman's junk is another woman's treasure! :) Look on the Give and Makeup site for details of what they want.

Four big fat parcels are winging their way to the post office today. Hopefully, someone who needs some of my products can make the most of them and meanwhile I not only get that lovely feeling of helping someone else, but I get extra cupboard space! :) xx

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