Sunday, 19 June 2011

Bleach me

Somehow through clicking on random things and Twitter-interweb hopping, I discovered Bleach. This salon has me written all over it.
Images by Bleach London

I've always had blonde hair as a base and over the years have had all shades from highlights to ice white bleach. I've also added an array of colours from, pink, purple, blue, red, lilac and even a swampy green... And I've added these colours every which way too: dip-dyed, highlights, slices, straight streaks, more highlights... So you get the picture. This salon is everything I've always wanted my hair to be.

Images by Bleach London
Bleach was founded by Samantha Teasdale and Alex Brownsell. Teasdale is an agent and from what I can gather, looks after the management side of things as well as running her own artist management agency. Brownsell is a truly amazing colourist and is still only 23 *insert my wow face here* According to Nylon magazine, Brownsell began working in her mother's salon at age 12 so has had plenty of time to experiment and learn, and in her own words: 'I'm like a mad scientist for hair. I know what works'. She already has some great credentials including magazine shoots and fashion shows to select celeb clients. Pixie Geldof is a regular client and Jamie Winstone, Sienna Miller and Taylor Momsen have all been for a little bleaching.

Image by Bleach London
The small salon located in Dalston (sharing it's HQ with WAH nails) has attracted much attention with the celebrity clients and unique colourings. They now have a second salon located in Topshop, Oxford Street. Aside from the unique and funky looks Brownsell and her team are able to achieve, the rumors are that the products and methods they use are much better for your hair than most bleach jobs. Brownsell said to Nylon magazine: 'We're the opposite of DIY. We take something that started in girls' bathtubs and make it more upscale and better for your hair.' As a girl who's dabbled with home bleaching - that sounds good to me!

Image by Bleach London
I am dying to get myself down to Bleach and see if I can get Brownsell to work some magic on my tresses. The lilac highlights after my last bout of purple hair are fading and I really would love to get bleached without any DIY scalp burn! The only downside for me is that it's sadly rather frowned upon to have any interesting colours in your hair at my straight-laced office job. It's not exactly a sackable offence but people do tend to judge and not always take you seriously which is a real shame.

I've picked my favourite images of Bleach's work for this post, but there are so many more. The ones featured here are a great example of how you can go all out and be as different as you want, or just take a touch of the funky colourful if a full head of pink is out of your comfort zone.

If you're interested in seeing more images of what Brownsell and her team can create, here's some links for you:

And of course the Bleach site itself, which kind of works like a tumblr. A complete pain if you have slow internet but so worth a nose through. You can also follow the salon on Twitter: @BleachLondon

I can't decide if this really is one of theirs or not...
Image by Bleach London
If you're interested in getting your tresses funked up, for Dalston salon you can email or call 020 7275 9500. Full contact details and Topshop salon can be found at: Prices start from £20 for a colour rinse or toner and go from £80 for dip-dyes to £150 for Virgin bleach. Judging by your usual standard salon costs (£120 upwards for highlights on long hair) I think it's reasonable value for what you get.

So what do you think ladies? Will you be hot-footing it down to Bleach for a new bright hair colour? Or are you just more comfortable with your blonde/brown/red locks?


Kat Musselwhite said...

I've been known to go a variety of different colours (intentionally and not *cough*), and I recently became aware that a local salon does something called "flashes" of colour for like £5 a "flash", which is really cool. Obviously that's a bit more subtle than this idea but still cool when you get bored of being just blonde, or just brunette ;) I'm always tempted, but never get round to actually doing it takes me roughly 12months to get my hair cut as it is :P

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