Monday, 1 August 2011

Garnier BB cream - first look!

So after months of reading about them and wondering, my BB cream arrived today. And here it is.

Of course I had to open it and give it a go straight away. The box does explain a bit about how it works, I didn't read that till later. I was too busy getting it out of the box. It boldy states on the front 'Miracle Skin Perfector'. Brave claims indeed.

The first thing you need to know is that it's small. Smaller than I expected it to be for my £9.99. Bear in mind I have very tiny girly hands.

Maybe I'm used to drugstore prices but I like value for money and for some reason I just expected the tube to be bigger - of course I didn't read the size of the tube when I bought it! It was a crazy excited rush!

The cap is a straightforward squeezy bottle cap, like any regular handcream type tube. I just squidged some out and applied with my fingers. Here's a few little swatches on the back of my hand - they're not the greatest - I was too excited! 

Bottom: Product squeezed from tube and very slightly blended out
Middle: Less product, blended out
Top: Blended out - can only just see it

Want to see what difference it makes? Well you can! Brace yourself. Here's my freshly cleansed, naked face...

And here's my face covered in Garnier BB cream...

Spot the difference? The light is a little different (it's hard to take pics of your own face with no tripod, etc), but you can see the idea. I got the BB cream in 'Light' and it actually seems to mostly suit my skintone - possibly a teeny bit orange. I think very pale-skinned ladies will be disappointingly orange with this and at the moment there isn't a lighter shade.

Down to what it does: It does reduce the visibility of my pores quite a lot and evens out the tone and blemishes - a lot of what it claims to do, which is great. It does look a lot like a light foundation or a tinted moisturiser though. And I can't vouch for any of the longer term treatment effects it claims to have.

What is says it does:
  • Evens tone and boosts glow
  • Blurs imperfections
  • Smooths fine lines
  • 24hr hydration
  • SPF 15 UV protection
At first I was really impressed. But after I got over my excitement, I'm a little less wowed. Yes, it definitely makes my skin look better - but then so does foundation and I can mix that with my SPF moisturiser for lighter coverage, sun-protection in one. I can use other skin treatments too. Do I really need to squish all those things into one product? My main concern really is what's in it. If all those functions have been mashed together then that's a lot more chemicals together that might never have been used together before. It contains a lot of ingredients I've never seen before as well as some familiar ones and I wonder whether all these really are beneficial longer term. Perhaps I'm a bit too dubious but surely we have to question what the ingredients are in such a miracle, wonder product? I also managed to get this in my eye a little in my excitement and let me tell you, it hurt like hell! Which got me to really wonder what is in it. I think I let the beauty craze get the better of me on this one and now my rational non-beauty side is kicking in.

So I guess this has its pros and cons. It does make skin look pretty amazing while still looking very natural and not obviously covered in foundation. But who knows what effects it can have long term - in terms of the ingredients as well as the skin treatment claims. Time will tell.

These should be available in shops from 3 August from what I can gather.

Will you be trying it out to see for yourselves? Have you got yours already? Tell me what you think and whether you love it or hate it! xx

13 comments: said...

i really wanted to try this but from your swatches it looks far too dark for me, it's true what you said though you can easily mix it all together from product's you already have, your skin looks lovely though!


Jude said...

I will definitely be giving it a try once it hits the shops, I think I will stick to the light colour as you seem a similar skintone to me.  I am hoping to pick up a couple of other  BB creams to try when I go to USA in a couple of weeks too.  Jude xx @jadlgw:disqus

Chrissy Darling said...

I was looking forward to this product and finally tried it today. It's more lightweight and sheer than Asian BB Creams. I'm a bit disappointed and hope that other European BB Creams coming out will be better than this.

Amy said...

I think it looks really good! I agree with the whole brave claims thing though!  xx

Holly said...

I got really excited reading this thinking 'Need to buy this, need to buy this'.. Then I thought, you are right, surely I get all of the coverage from my foundation? Bit of an odd one, perhaps it would be good for if you wanted to travel lightly. It does make your skin look lovely though! :)

Allthingsmarie said...

Thanks for the review and pictures! I will try and check if we have this available here in the States.:D

***** Marie *****
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Marian Sikkema said...

looks a little cakey...

betwixt beauty said...

Thanks for the comments ladies!

@53fcf7f1e94dbc393a054fd5341cf7b1:disqus It is sadly a little dark and orangey - I think the colour is the main let down for me. I like the product otherwise!@e2f3a6c856b544a78ee48b2dcd09d2eb:disqus Picking some up from US of A sounds like a great idea - probably a lot more choice!@01d8a7ececb0462d465d619e5c269594:disqus It really didn't feel that lightweight on my skin which makes me wonder how heavy Asian BB creams are! I do hope more come out in the UK so give us a bit more choice - especially with colours!

@flawsandall_x:disqus Thank you! It does seem to claim to do an awful lot! :)

@9aee829054252a267cd9b22308100fc3:disqus I agree! I think it's easy to get a bit swept up in new product buzz. But you do have a good point about travelling lightly!

@24d9764dda72fef72ad98742b4e07ab7:disqus No problem. Not sure if it is available in the US - but I think there are already a few BB creams on the market to choose from there!

@facebook-100000749422213:disqus It does feel a bit heavy not sure about cakey though. Perhaps my pictures just aren't great?

@4c9bd6d72aa486f96c9ded2dea5f3f4b:disqus Thanks. I will have a look. I'm definitely interested in trying out different formulations and colours.


Maha_manave said...

After using this cream is it advisable to apply talc powder ....

Flux said...

Hi there, if you are worried about what is in the cosmetics you buy, you should have a look at the Paula’s Choice website, it has an ingredient dictionary that is extremely helpful in working out if there are any nasties in your cosmetics/cleanser/toner/moisturiser, etc. I have found it quite useful in the past, and I think I have even learned a bit about what to look out for in regards to both bad and good things for my skin.

teehee said...

If you want the real deal, then you need to get it from Korea. BB cream
has been incredibly popular in Asia for a few years already. I
personally think brands like MISSHA and Etude House from Korea would be much better
than Garnier’s one...

teehee said...

Hanskin and BRTC are really popular too. But MISSHA is supposedly the best.

sasha said...

its ok but in very warm weathers my nose tends to sweat alot more by using this

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