Monday, 3 October 2011

Real mud for real men

Would you like one of these? Well I sadly you can't have this one... This is the rather dashing Richie Rees. You can re-create your own at home though! 

Montagne Jeunesse have launch a new range of face masks especially for men.

There are five to choose from: blackhead mask, dirt and grime clean, morning after scrub, eye rescue and zap them peel off. Now we all know it's not that common to come home to your other half on the sofa with his mates, watching the rugby, beer in hand - each with a face mask on. (If you ever have come home to that - I think we'd all like to know about it!) Well, it might well soon happen - take a look at these boys...

This is the Cardiff Blues rugby Team. Nice aren't they? My only complaint is the rugby thighs are all covered up here. But that aside, these boys have tested out the new range and even put their faces on the promo images. If it's good enough for a rugby team then it's got to be good enough for your fella right?

I managed to convince Mr BB to give these a whirl and he opted for the Zap them peel off mask. I tried out the blackhead mask too just to make him feel a bit more at home. I know they're for men but they must still work for women right?! I really liked the blackhead mask - it's one of those heavy clay-type masks which dries rock hard. It's not for everyone but I'm a fan - I think it makes me feel like it's really doing something. It says it licorice flavour on the packet which I thought I wouldn't like but it was actually surprisingly pleasant. As for Mr BB's peel off mask - he loved the smell which was supposed to be ginger but he says smells a lot like a Lynx shower gel. I thought it smelled a bit more tropical but either way - it's a very distinctive smell and we both like it. I think half the attraction for him was getting to peel it off afterwards! We can both report super clean and smooth skin, so at just over £1 each - it's worth chucking a couple in your trolley when you're next in Asda and giving them a whirl.

*Edit: I meant to mention the 'instructions for men' on these products. It goes something like this for almost all masks: 'Splash, slap on, chill, shower off.' These sound to me like proper male instructions - excuse the stereotype but in my experience men either don't read instructions or skim read them so this seems perfect!*

All Montagne Jeunesse products are suitable for vegans and are made from natural ingredients - the eye rescue does contain parfum and PEG60 but these rest all seem to have very natural-looking ingredients lists. These retail between £1.09 and £1.99 - depending on which you choose - and are available from Asda, Morrisons and Montagne Jeunesse.


Amy said...

I love this brand, my boyfriend always used to use mine anyways! I think it's good that they are marketing at men though xxx

KatMusselwhite said...

This made me chuckle. My other half always uses the same masks as me (he likes the fruity smelling ones, I'll have you know lmao!!) Curious to see if he'll head towards the more masculine ones now that they're available teehee!!

Yzahjelle said...

First, thanks for your skin care reviews! I have been following your blog for quite some time now. I find this product a little odd and funny, though. I don't know if my guy friends would dare use this one.

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