About me


I have a serious weakness for beauty products but I’m too lazy to wear a full face of make up every day. Here’s where I spread a little product love! If you want to drop me a line with comments or requests please email me at [email protected]

“If we consider all the hypotheses, which have been form’d either by philosophy or common reason, to explain the difference betwixt beauty and deformity, we shall find that all of them resolve into this, that beauty is such an order and construction of parts, as either by the primary constitution of our nature, by custom, or by caprice, is fitted to give a pleasure and satisfaction to the soul.”

A Treatise of Human Nature, David Hume.

Betwixt beauty was created to share some beauty product love. You will find news, reviews, swatches, beauty banter and the occasional picture of my face. 

A bit about the face behind the blog…
I’m 27, live in Reading and for a day job I make other people’s writing better. I like pink and am partial to a glass of red wine and some chocolate.

I’ve been a product junkie ever since my teens when I used to sport royal blue eyeliner and mascara and my collection of all things cosmetic has grown from there. I love trying new products as well as treasuring my old trusted ones and I am a complete beauty hoarder. I’m too lazy to wear a full face of make up every day but I love putting it through its paces when I get the chance.

If you would like to contact me about anything in this blog please head to my contact page. Comments and feedback are always appreciated as are any other opportunities to develop the site.