All of a flutter

All of a flutter

False lashes may not be your thing but I have to say these are worth a look…

All of a flutterI was sent these pairs and the purple feather lashes instantly caught my eye. All of a flutter

The colour is gorgeous and the fact that they are made of feathers is a fabulous quirk that I really love. All of a flutterThere was only one flaw in their beauty…

All of a flutter

This was pretty easily solved, I just trimmed to get rid of the uneven edge and it was fine. I did wonder if it would fall apart but it didn’t! All of a flutter

This is the lash adhesive that comes with each set of lashes. It didn’t look much and there was only a small amount. I almost used my own adhesive but I thought I should try this one and I actually found that it went a long way and worked really well. All of a flutter

The applicator made it quite easy to apply neatly. After a couple of minutes to let the adhesive get tacky I popped them on… All of a flutter

They were really easy to apply. Normally it take me several goes on at least one side to get false lashes on perfectly but these went on first time – both sides. I’m not entirely sure what made them so easy to apply but I think it could be because the lash bed is so pliable and already naturally curved. Often with cheaper lashes they need gently rolling to get that curved shape and loosen the fibres of the lash bed – not with these. All of a flutter

I did a bit of a fun make up to go with these lashes, a kind of crude play on a cut crease. I actually really liked how it turned out – it took a few goes to replicate what was in my head though! The only thing that wasn’t up to scratch was my eyebrows – I would have preferred them filled in better.
All of a flutter

I wanted to show how these look from all angles because I think they are just beautiful. They are so long too! And they have a lovely natural curve in them so they don’t just stick straight out. Cue a lot of pictures of my face…
All of a flutter

I know these aren’t most people’s cup of tea for everyday wear (are they anyone’s?), but for fancy dress, a festival or perhaps a big night out if you’re feeling brave, they definitely look the part. All of a flutter All of a flutter

If you’re interested, to get this look I used: Opia eyeliner in purple, ELF brightening eye colour palette in Punk Funk (used wet then set dry), Suqqu brow pen in brown, Lancome Teint Miracle foundation (which contains SPF and has bleached my skin a little in some of these pics!), Laura Mercier translucent powder, MeMeMe Blush me blush box in Coral and MUA lipstick in shade 7. All of a flutter

I am really impressed with these lashes. They were easy to apply, have decent adhesive and so wearable. I barely even realised I was wearing them after the first few minutes. They are also super affordable, priced at less than a fiver (£4.91 to be precise). Even if you don’t get on with false lashes normally, I would definitely recommend you try these out. they are a lot lighter than some more extravagant lashes can be and so feel less obvious. I’ll definitely be trying the other pair I have soon!
These lashes are available from Fancy dress outfitters. These feather lashes also come in black, pink, silver, gold and neon. There is also a whole range of different styles with plumes, droplets, diamantes and glitter to choose from.
What do you think? Will you be grabbing yourself a pair of flashy lashes to flutter? xx

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August 22, 2011