Battle of the face wipes - Part 3: Tesco Vitamin E

Battle of the face wipes – Part 3: Tesco Vitamin E

Battle of the face wipes - Part 3: Tesco Vitamin E

This is another delayed instalment in my face wipe series! But who needs timetables eh? (Apart from schools maybe…) You can see the previous instalments here. Today, I’m looking at Tesco’s Vitamin E cleansing wipes – dermalogically tested, paraben free, pH balanced.  Battle of the face wipes - Part 3: Tesco Vitamin E

I picked these up on a whim when I was rather skint and just spotted them in Tesco. They cost a grand total of 27p. It doesn’t get more bargainous than that – less than 0.93p a wipe!

These are really surprisingly soft for a very cheap item. They don’t feel like they scratch my skin at all and they’re great for removing makeup. Hardly any scrubbing required and the softness means your eyes don’t feel violated afterwards.

The smell of these is kind of flowery – reminds me of nice old ladies! I actually really like it but it’s hard to explain why. It’s perfumed but not overpowering which is always a bonus. They kind of hit the right moisture balance too, wet enough to feel refreshing and clean but not too wet so you feel your skin ends up with more on it than it started with.

Here’s what Tesco say:
This range has been enriched with vitamin E for its anti-oxidant, protecting and conditioning properties to care for your skin. These wipes have been specially formulated to remove make up, cleanse, tone, moisturise your skin, leaving it soft and smooth.
ü  Dermatologically tested.
ü  Alcohol free.
I think what I really love about these it that they don’t pretend. They do exactly what it says on the tin (well packet, but still). OK so they claim to cleanse tone and moisturise which, while may not be as effective as going through the full process with specific products, it may actually do to a point, but probably not to the level of a full skincare routine. They really do remove makeup, contain vitamin E, and are paraben free and alcohol free. I personally think they even leave my skin soft and smooth.

I wouldn’t use these in place of a full skincare routine but they are great for removing makeup, cleaning up makeup mistakes or a light, refreshing cleanse.
Ultimately, I love these wipes. I actually love them. There really aren’t any bad things to say about them. They score highly on every front. They’re the most affordable I’ve found and crap all over pretty much every other face wipe out there with the exception of some that are around 20 times the price of these. I would serious urge you to at least give them a go and see if they work as well for you.

Onto the seriously important scores:
Smell: 9/10
Softness: 10/10
Makeup removal: 8/10
Value: 10/10
Overall:10 /10
Repurchase: YES. I freaking love them! I’m already on my third packet. I can’t rate them highly enough. The cost next to nothing and really perform. Which only really serves to make me wonder why so-called ‘high-end’ brands manage to get away with charging a fortune for products that sometimes don’t even live up to their promises.

Have you tried these wipes? Did you love them as much as I do?
Can you even wait for round 4 of this massive battle!

Till next time ladies! xx

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April 27, 2011