We’re different
It’s important to remember that what I like and what you like are not always going to be the same. Products I’ve tried may work differently for you. Skin and hair type, as well as diet, lifestyle and the way or frequency we use products, can all influence the effects they have and how well they do or don’t work.
Everything you read on this site is my own opinion and is not influenced by brands, PRs, bloggers or even gods. If a product has been sent to me as a sample or a post is sponsored, I will always add a note at the bottom of the relevant posts stating so. Please note that I only accept sponsored posts if the brand or product is genuinely one I know, have tried, and love, or if I feel particularly strongly about their great ethics and principles, for example a charity or brand I feel is particularly worthy because of the great things they do. I will not write sponsored posts on products I feel don’t deliver and as such you can be assured that what you read on the site – sponsored or otherwise – is my honest opinion.

All content here is my own unless otherwise stated. I avoid using images that are not my own as much as I possibly can. If you think I have used an image that belongs to you and you would like it credited or removed, please email me and I’ll be happy to do so.

Similarly, if you wish to reproduce one of my images, please credit me and link back to the site and it’s always nice if you can drop me an email to let me know!