Guest post: A not-quite-normal blog
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Guest post: A not-quite-normal blog

And now it’s time for something completely different…

I’m handing over to Kat from Kat’s Beauty Reviews today. So without further ado, over to you Kat!

Guest post: A not-quite-normal blog

When Hannah asked me if I wanted to do a Guest blog post for her, I actually got a little bit excited. Was it because I have no life, and this is as interesting as it gets? No, well, maybe a little, but no, I got excited because this is officially the first guest post that I’ve been asked to write, and it’s kind of nice to be asked, don’t you think?

So, I’ve almost literally spent the last five days, desperately trying to think of something witty/original/intelligent/amazing (delete as appropriate) to write about, but not being any of those things, well, I was a little bit stuck.

Then I was lying in bed this morning (too much information?) and I recalled a conversation that emerged on Twitter, at 2am Sunday morning (what people were still doing on Twitter, including myself, at 2 in the bloody morning, I’m really not sure!). The conversation basically culminated around the question, of what family and friends think of our blogging.

The general consensus being: They don’t think much, really!

I think the problem is, like the Internet Dating of Five-plus years ago, people just don’t really understand it, until they try it. Five years ago, the idea of meeting someone and going on a date with them, when you had never met them in person, and had only communicated through MSN Messenger with them, was absolutely disgraceful to some people. And they most certainly would not be trying that thank you very much. Move forward five years, and we’re receiving wedding invites from these very same people, to whom you ask: “Soooo, how did you love-birds meet?” And the reply you get back, as if it’s the most normal thing on the planet (because it now is): “”

You quite literally stand there, with your own partner having to hold you back, desperately wanting to remind your friend of the attitude they’d once had, when you were online dating, but you just know that you’d be wasting your much-needed energy! Guest post: A not-quite-normal blogIt’s not that my friends and family aren’t supportive, because some people are often asking for advice, purely because they know I write this beauty blog, but do they actually read it? Well, they might say that they do, but deep down, you know that they really haven’t. Sometimes, I want to really slag someone off in my blog, just so that I can ask them if they read it, knowing full well that they haven’t, because if they had, they really would not be talking to me, right now. Or even, ever!

But joking aside, the most popular “belief”, I suppose you could say, amongst both my friends and family is probably the idea that I must only be doing it because I’m getting paid to do it. Well, if, by any chance any one of my friends or family is in fact reading this, I think there are a couple of things that you might want to know:

1. I don’t get paid a penny to write my blog. Not-a-one. I’m not sponsored. I don’t earn a wage. It is all completely voluntary.

2. Everything I blog about has not been sent to me by a company. 95% of what I review has been bought with my own, cold, hard cash, and I physically went into a shop to buy the majority of them.

Oh, and just for added fun, I write my blog because I’m passionate about what I do. I know crazy right? But some people honestly believe that money can be the only motivation to do anything! Wow, how totally out-there must I be *rolls eyes a little*. Guest post: A not-quite-normal blog

Nevertheless, I think the greatest thing about being a Beauty Blogger is the amazing community that exists, predominantly on Twitter (which is something else my family and friends do not understand, but we won’t get into that one right now!), so it doesn’t really matter if our loved ones don’t really understand what we’re doing and why we choose to do it. We all support each other, tackle each other’s beauty blogging issues, and even though many of us have never met (and maybe never will), it’s sometimes like we’re all sitting in a cafe drinking expensive coffee and being “normal”. Then again, in the days of the Internet, what the heck is normal anyway?

Thanks Kat. I know I’m not normal and that’s fine with me! I like to think normal is boring, it’s the weird ones who are interesting.

If you don’t follow Kat’s blog – why not?! You’ve missed some gems. Swing over now and follow! 🙂

What do your loved ones think of your blogging? Do they even know about it?

Till next time ladies… xx