Happy hair days

Happy hair days

My hair has been through a lot. If it could talk, in it’s therapy sessions, it would probably say: ‘I’m so tired. The bleach and endless ponytails are killing me!’ Hmm. And how does that make you feel…? *ahem*

Happy hair days
Image: Noukka Signe

In the absence of hair counselling, I spend quite a lot of time into searching out products to help my hair get through the tough times and make life better for it. Here’s a run down of my hair routine and products I recommend… Happy hair days

Like it or not, I tend to wash my hair every 2-3 days. I try to leave it as long as possible for several reasons: it’s not great for your hair and scalp to strip the natural oils too often and it means your hair gets greasier quicker, I have very long hair and it takes up valuable time, I have tired, bleached hair which needs as much respite as I can give it, – oh and I like to save water and the environment cos I’m eco-friendly and stuff! So most of the time I use TRESemmé Colour Thrive or Colour Revitalise shampoo and conditioner. These are somewhere between basic and designer products wand you can get it in massive bottles for really affordable prices – as little as £4 for 900ml, sometimes better value if you grab it on offer!). Happy hair days

As my hair has been bleached, I like to use a silverising shampoo every three or four washes or so to keep the orangey, brassy tones at bay. John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone Corrector is a ‘blue’ shampoo (yes, they are a bluey, purple colour – don’t freak out!) which is great for reducing brassiness and general hair maintenance. I wouldn’t advise using it too often though as I have found that it makes my scalp a bit sore and sensitive after a while. By nature, I’d expect silver or blue shampoos to be harsher on the hair and in turn they are a little harsher on the scalp. Buy John Frieda from Boots from £5.89. Happy hair days

When my scalp is feeling sensitive Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Senea Colour High Scalp Comfort can really help calm it down. These type of sensitive scalp products don’t always seem to have much of an effect or can leave your hair feeling a bit ropier than usual but not this one! The conditioner deeply conditions hair and leaves it feeling really nourished and the shampoo is very gently on sore scalps. This is a salon product but you can purchase it online from several places – Escentual offer it at affordable prices. Happy hair days

I find my hair really needs a lot of conditioning so I use a conditioning mask once or twice a week as well as a leave in conditioner. My current favourites are from Andrew Barton’s S.O.S. Help Me! range. The mask is particularly thick and nourishing and the leave-in conditioner just gives an extra conditioning boost after rinsing. These are very affordable and I pick mine up in Asda for around £3-£5!
I also have a few favourite styling products but I’m going to leave them for another day! Till then, have happy hair days!

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March 26, 2013