How Long Does Bleached Hair Last

How Long Does Bleached Hair Last? Easy Guide to Comprehend!

Nowadays, men and women are highly conscious regarding their appearances. People have been trying different tips and tricks to make them look better with aesthetic improvements and other hair care treatments. Hairs carry a vital role in structuring your personality, and for changing, hair look bleaching is a traditional practice that is preached for making hair look lighten and better.

We are here assisting how long it takes duration to rip off and get the old hair color. The duration of bleaching is highly dependent on the bleaching procedure. If you have bleached hair or want to get your hair bleached, continue reading an article as it would be worth using the best leave-in conditioner for bleached hair and comprehending other haircare aspects.

How Long Does Bleached Hair Last

Why do people practice bleaching?

People we continue with other guides, you need to comprehend whats the purpose behind the bleaching process. The primary reasons that have been seen behind bleaching are to cover gray hair that doesn’t look much appropriate and take the limelight. Traditionally, only aged women used to practice it for coloring their gray hair natural or lighten hair, whereas now people have been practicing it for fun.

Bleaching hair can lighten hair and enhance your personality instantly; you can also consider it a makeover. The practice of hair bleaching can be done at home and salons both, but it would be better to consider for professional assistance only. Bleaching involves high reactive chemicals alkaline agent (ammonium hydroxide) along with an oxidizing agent (hydrogen peroxide). Both of these components can lighten your hair if practiced well. However, if bleach is left for more time, then it can cause significant damage to your hair surely.

Bleaching is practiced to remove the natural hair color and color it into some other color. Hydrogen peroxide assists in opening hair strands. So, you have to be highly precise regarding these two components surely.

How long does bleaching last?

Bleaching can last permanent if you practiced it right, but if you are willing to get rid of it, then it is better to grow your hair for getting natural hair color. So, we can simply depend on the practice preached while bleaching and determine how long it lasts. If you are bleaching for coloring your hair into some vibrant color, then aftercare is the promising thing to practice on your hair.

Until unless you don’t decide to rip off from the color, bleaching isn’t going anywhere. So, it’s your call whether you want to change your hair color or not.

How to take care of bleached hair?

When you practice bleaching hair, then it sucks all moisture in your head, and hair can become lifeless and damaged looking. For correcting the damage, you can practice for different ways to take care of your bleached hair.

After the bleaching process, hair becomes damaged, and to rectify the damage, you need to careful regarding it. Here are some tips that would assist in taking care of your bleached hair.

Choose shampoo and conditioner precisely

Bleached hair is more prone to damage and break due to harsh chemicals of hair color and bleaching. It is essential to pick your hair care products precisely. While choosing shampoo and conditioner, you need to look for the sulfate-free one. It is better to use the leave-in conditioner and sulfate-free or organic shampoo that can repair the hair damage and moisturize it well. Hydration need must be met with the shampoo that you are using as it would result in best. You can either take the assistance of stylists for picking the best hair care products or simply choose on your own by looking at reviews.

Add ones

Maintaining bleached hair and taking care of it for a longer period isn’t only tough but complicated as well. You need to avoid the brassiness of your hair as well. For hair, purple shampoo can be approached, but in an extreme case, it might not be optimal for you. You must be choosey regarding purple shampoo to mix for healthier hair and make it look better. Consider for tried and tested purple shampoo and conditioner that can take well care of your bleached hair.


Last but not least, you need to consider for moisturizing treatments that can ultimately take care of your health. You can consider for a protein-rich or keratin hair treatment that would rectify the damage done due to bleaching and make your hair appear the best. With continuous hair care treatment, you can take care of your hair in a much better way.  Once you are done with haircare treatments, then consider using leave-in conditioner for bleached hair that locks moisture in your hair for a longer time.

Hence, following for these easy to practice tips, you can take good care of your hair surely. In this way, you can maintain your bleached hair without much hassle to the best.

Pro tip: we have taken a deep insight regarding maintaining hair, but here is a pro tip. For maintaining bleached hair to the best professional stylists recommend for a cut or trim within a week after hair coloring is practiced. Practicing cut or trimming assist in locking the color in ends. Additionally, it should be chosen as a habit to trim or cut your hair every eight weeks. By sticking to this tip, you can take care of your bleached hair well for a longer period.

The summary

From the details stated above, we can conclude that is it is important to take care of your bleached hair well. In addition, choosing for best leave-in conditioner for bleached hair and sulfate-free shampoo is the better option for moisturizing your hair. Haircare treatments are best to follow if bleaching has caused damage to your excessively, and protein treatments are proven successful for making damaged hair healthy as before, and you can make your bleaching last for longer.