It’s Finally Here… in Tubes!

It’s Finally Here… in Tubes!

It’s Finally Here… in Tubes!Well it’s almost here – so close you can almost smell it! After all the depotting and packaging crises, Urban Decay have finally changed the Primer Potion packaging! Aren’t they pretty? It’s Finally Here… in Tubes!

What Urban Decay say:
‘After talking to makeup artists, listening to our customers, seeing the response to our Professional Size Eyeshadow Primer Potion, and viewing several YouTube tutorials on how to crack open a vial of our famous Eyeshadow Primer Potion to get every last drop (the process often involves a Dremmel and protective eyewear), we’ve decided to make life a tad bit easier… Introducing everyone’s favourite Eyeshadow Primer Potion, now available in a sleek, squeezable tube.’

About time! Urban Decay have listened to the mountains of feedback on the old packaging and come up with a much more efficient replacement. Finally no more wasted product and arduous depotting to be done. These new tubes promise to actually hold 10% more product than before which is nice!

You might remember I posted about an extreme depotting experience last year. Despite my best efforts, the pot I chose to depot to has a crack in it and probably wasn’t that air-tight in the first place which means my product has suffered from the formula drying out. As a result of that post, I was very kindly sent the new tubes to test out. Here’s another gratuitous look at them… It’s Finally Here… in Tubes!I know the old packaging was supposed to be all curvy and sexy – reminds me of genies for some reason – but I actually prefer these. I think the gorgeous colours help plus they’ve kept the same curvy style of screw cap on the tube. More good news however, the old-skool applicator has gone too! It’s Finally Here… in Tubes!We now get a much more nifty, smart and straightforward nozzle attached to the squeezy tube. So far, I have nothing to complain about with the new packaging. I thought to add to the elation in this post I’d treat you to some swatches so here you are… It’s Finally Here… in Tubes!L–R: UDPP in Greed, Eden, Sin, Original – as it comes out of the tube. It’s Finally Here… in Tubes!L–R: UDPP in Greed, Eden, Sin, Original – blended out a little. It’s Finally Here… in Tubes!

L–R: UDPP in Greed, Eden, Sin, Original – fully blended out.

You can see in the final swatches that Original almost disappears into my skin tone so these can be as discreet or overt as you chose the shade to be. All shades of UDPP can be used under your shadow or alone – some of the newer shades are perfect for wearing alone as they have enough colour and shimmer in them already. You could even double up Sin or Greed as a highlighter. UDPP promises eyeshadow that lasts; truer, more vibrant colour; and absolutely no creasing. Well I think we all knew that! I’m planning on putting these promises to the test soon too. The formula is also water-resistant apparently – not sure if that extends to the shadow you put on top of it, but maybe that’s another test to do!

What you might not have known (I didn’t) is that UDPP employs ‘space-age polymer technology to fill in any imperfections on the surface of the skin, prepping lids for indestructible eyeshadow’. Well! Not only can you have gorgeously vibrant and long-lasting eyeshadow, but you can also pretend you’re an astronaut too!

Before receiving these, I had only ever tried UDPP in Original which works brilliantly for smoothing out eyelids in prep for eyeshadow as well as covering any little veins and brightening up the skin. I wore Sin over the weekend and found it works just as well and gives a really nice nude base for shadow. I’ll make sure I give them all a good work out and try and post some images of them in action over the next few weeks. It’s Finally Here… in Tubes!

These aren’t available in the UK as yet but look out for them hitting shops and online stores nationwide from 1 June.

Who else is looking forward to getting their hands on some of these new tubes and doing away with the depotting?! 🙂 xx

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August 21, 2011