It’s Time to Give and Makeup

It’s Time to Give and Makeup

First of all, just a quick note to say that some of you may have noticed a little re-branding exercise going on. I’ve been toying with a rename for a while now, the problem is always just what to rename to. So here we are with a new name and a new URL. I’ve updated the Twitter name too so if by some stroke of fortune for me, you are linking to my blog somewhere, you may need to update the links. If you don’t follow me on Twitter and would like to you can do so here.

So that’s all lovely and good I hope. A better blog header and redesign may follow but until I have proper internet in the new house (NOT stupid dongle thingy) it can wait.

It’s Time to Give and Makeup
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I wanted to just do a quick post on a fab cause that you may or may not know about already. In case you haven’t, Give and Makeup is an initiative founded by Caroline at Beauty Mouth which aims to provide ‘everyday essentials for women that needs them most’. The basic idea is that those of us who may have products to spare can donate to some women and children who are less fortunate than ourselves. Through Refuge and Women’s Aid, victims of domestic violence can get essentials that they need and we usually take for granted.

The scheme was set up in October last year and has already incited a great response. BeautyBay have been supporting the scheme and are now offering free postage on all donations made until 1 March 2011. And, as if that wasn’t enough, they are dishing out discount codes in return for donations! So not only can you get rid of some things you probably don’t want or need and are taking up valuable bathroom space, but you can treat yourself to something you will use from BeautyBay and still feel virtuous!

To get involved, all you have to do is email [email protected] for your free postage label (up to 2kg so please split parcels if you have more). Once they get your parcel, check your inbox and – hey presto – discount for you! Everyone’s a winner.

So what are you waiting for…?


Follow Give and Makeup on twitter and show your support.
For more info on BeautyBay’s commitment visit Give and Makeup.