Powder is art

Powder is art

I don’t normally post collections as such but this one was too beautiful not to post.

Powder is art

This is MAC’s Art of Powder collection which comprises some of the the most exquisite cosmetics I’ve ever seen. Powder is art

In the Abstract, the highlighter in the collection, is probably my least favourite but still very intricate and precise. I’m not sure how it would work as a highlighter for me but I like the mix of tones. For me this is one to try before buying. Powder is artI love this pink and gold bronzer – Optical. I’m a sucker for pink and I love the kind of Austin Powers feel it has – but thankfully it’s much less tacky! I don’t usually use bronzer but this is one I’d consider buying more from a collector point of view. Powder is art

Street Art is definitely my favourite. I find graffiti can be really hit and miss. Brilliant when done properly – think Banksy, moving graffiti and artists’ murals – and awful when it’s just ‘I woz ere’ scrawled on toilet doors. I know this one isn’t a masterpiece in graffiti terms but I think it’s just the juxtaposition of something a bit urban and grimy with something so sleek and girly as a MAC eyeshadow. The details really make this – I love how it looks as though it’s dripped and faded down the wall! I think this is the one I’d be most likely to use – but also the one I’d want to keep beautifully in tact by not using!
This collection is limited edition and is due to be released in the US from September 29 and from October internationally. I’ve not seen any confirmed release date in the UK yet – so I’m just crossing my fingers it is released here! Better start saving my pennies…
What do you think of this collection? Will you be treating yourself when it arrives? xx

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