The Curse of Interminable Blackheads

The Curse of Interminable Blackheads

Ever since I can remember being aware of caring about my looks, I remember blackheads. I know they’re not that visible from a distance but I see them every time I scrutinise my pores in the mirror – at least once a day. I’ve tried pretty much everything to get rid of them, or even lessen them but nothing has really worked.

The Curse of Interminable Blackheads

I’m not talking about a few blackheads on my nose here, I mean all over my nose onto my cheeks and across my chin too. I actually hate thinking about it because close up they are vile, and let’s face it who doesn’t want to seem beautiful and flawless at every turn?

To give you a little background: I never used to have  proper skincare routine – I had a facewash and I washed my face every other day or every day, usually in the shower. I gradually started using moisturiser every so often and the blackheads didn’t really change. Since January this year, I’ve actually started a proper cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day – eyecream, the lot. If pushed, I’d say my blackheads have actually got worse since then. I’ve had several facials recently and although two of them managed to make my skin seem brighter, only one managed to remove about five blackheads and that involved a bit of quite painful extraction. The Curse of Interminable Blackheads

I’ve also tried all of these at some point in the past:

  • nose/chin pore strips – you wet these and stick them on your face for ten mins or so, they get rid of about ten a time an hardly make any visible difference.
  • blackhead products – blackhead clearing cleanser and blackhead scrubs. I can’t say these have done anything that I’ve noticed.
  • masks and peels – tea tree masks, and enzyme peels. Again, I can’t say I’ve ever seen any difference from these, despite using an enzyme peel once or twice a week for a few months.
  • extractor tool – something like this. Never really got it to do much, removed one or two maybe. Maybe I should have persevered…?

So dear readers (those of you who haven’t already wandered off in search of prettier things than blackheads), I need your help. Tips, tricks, products and/or recommended facialists, extractions – I need them all!

Help me please bloggettes! Comment, message, tweet me – all replies welcome! I’ll update you on my findings…

Till next time! xx

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April 27, 2011