Winter warmers
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Winter warmers

So as you may have noticed, the weather has got unpleasantly cold over the past few weeks. I live in what I think was the only place in Britain to avoid snow – until yesterday that is. In all honestly, we still only have a really small amount but I’m convinced it’s been colder without snow than when we had tons of the stuff last year! I have the misfortune of living in a very old cottage without double glazing and the worst landlord imaginable, so currently have no cold tap in the bathroom, a dodgy bathroom light – and a freezing house. And to top it off, the heating at work has been broken all week. I was soo cold and grumpy and angry I was ready to kill someone on Wednesday! However, I am slightly warmer today after borrowing an extra heater from my Dad and thermals from my Mum. Sexy.

Winter warmers
This is a snapshot of outside my work. It’s only really a dusting of snow.

Since I’ve cheered up a bit, I thought I’d stop ranting and do a little post on my essentials that have got me through this week.

Burt’s Bees replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil.

Winter warmersI think I’m a bit slow to the party on this one but this is my go to product for my lips at the moment. It’s got a thick – probably waxy – consistency so feels like it protects my lips when I have to trudge through the sub-zero temperatures and it’s got a really nice smell to it. I’m rubbish at describing smells but I suspect this doesn’t smell like fresh pomegranates. It’s fruity but not too flowery and almost a bit comforting in a verging on menthol sort of way (I am not mad I swear). In short, I love it. Well worth a little splash out of £3.49 – that’s a splash out in comparison to the under £2 Vaseline I usually go for. That said, Boots have got some offers on lots of Burt’s Bees at the moment. Mine also provides me with much amusement as the boy likes to tell me I taste of beeees! 🙂

Neutrogena’s Norwegian formula handcream – unscented Winter warmers

I bought this a while ago but it sort of got buried in my product hoarding and I’ve just rediscovered it. It’s kind of weird if you’re used to normal handcreams – it looks like a cloudy gel rather than a proper cream. You don’t really need much and it really is a miracle worker on dried out winter skin. It leaves a moisturised sort of sheeny feel to your hands. Prob best not to type right away after using it! I love the fact this is unscented – and it really is! I find some ‘unscented’ products still have an ‘unscented’ scent if that makes sense! I like my hands not to smell too much – don’t ask me why, I guess I just find it odd when eating etc.

Vitamin C Winter warmers

These are just Asda’s own effervescent tablets. I have no idea how good they are from a medical point of view but I know if I have a sore throat they work wonders and seem to keep most colds at bay when I feel them coming on. Other pluses apart from throat soothing are: they taste nice and they’re fun to do! The fizzy goodness is fun to watch – I’m still a child 🙂 Me and the boy like to call these ‘fizzy-good-make-feel-nice’ – ‘fizzy goods’ for short. Black Books reference for those in the dark. (Tried to find a YouTube of it to show you but failed 🙁 Watch this instead – but come back and finish reading!)

Mulled wine Winter warmers

This is an epic WIN for me. I couldn’t find the bottled stuff in Asda (I know they have it in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and M&S but Asda seems lacking), so I bought some sachets. Winter warmers

This is a bit of a cop out from making your own properly – but more effort than the bottles stuff which I usually microwave! *Naughty* These don’t take long to make and only require few extra basic ingredients – mostly wine! Although, if you’re not a big drinker (sadly I am), or just fancy sharing the snuggly Christmassyness with your kids, you can make a still yummy and warm version using cranberry juice. You can have a gander at the recipe here if you’re interested. I’ve made this three times this week… It’s been a tough week! And no doubt will make it a few more times in the run up to Christmas. Winter warmers

When I visited my parents – to borrow heaters and thermals – they had the log fire going which was immense. Cannot wait to snuggle in front of that on Christmas day!

What’s been keeping you guys going this week? And more winter warming tips? xxx